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  • Learn in depth about the sportsYou team management platform
  • Ask your questions in the chat and the sportsYou Success Team will answer them live.

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📊 What can you do with the sportsYou Feed?

August 8 - 12pm ET / 9am PT

Pro tips for sharing media, files, creating polls, using multi posts, and more!

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🗓️ Utilizing the sportsYou Calendar

August 15 - 12pm ET / 9am PT

Learn how to add events and games and share and subscribe to calendars.

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💬 Mastering sportsYou Chat

August 22 - 12pm ET / 9am PT

Discover how to unlock the power of instant communication with your team, coaches, families, and group members.

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📂 Get your files organized with sportsYou Folders

August 29 - 12pm ET / 9am PT

Pro tips on how to manage your workflows digitally with folders.

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